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Strategic Global Solutions

VRP Group’s corporate umbrella securely covers the diverse needs of high-profile clients and organizations of various sizes spanning the globe. Government entities, military, law enforcement, corporations, campuses, healthcare facilities, as well as small businesses and residential communities trust the customized solutions provided through VRP Group’s three strategic divisions.

While some competitors lump less suitable services and fall short in quality measures, VRP Group tactically divides and conquers goals with verifiable services and targeted solutions to surpass each unique client’s expectations, while also ensuring cost-effective coverage.

Rely on VRP Group to cover it all — from the antiterrorism force protection and training delivered internationally through VERTUS, to investigation and protective services supplied by REGIUS, to protection officers and security provided by our highly skilled team at PRAESIDIUM SECURITY.

Contact the experts at our U.S.-based headquarters in Florida or visit our division websites for helpful information about far-reaching protective services, security specialists, logistical support, and proprietary training programs.