Advisory Board

Mr. Steven Bailey honorably served a full career – 25 years – as a U.S. Navy Seal retiring as a Force Master Chief for Commander Naval Special Warfare Command. His experience as a Navy Seal, Force Master Chief has made him a highly sought after consultant and subject matter expert since his retirement from the Navy. His combined career of over 44 years has taken him to six of seven continents where he has conducted operations and taught weapons and tactics for USG, DOD – both domestically and internationally- and foreign governments.

Mr. Bailey has briefed diplomats, senior military officers and senior members of other governmental agencies both U.S. and foreign, proving his versatility from battleground to boardroom. His experience in hostile environments, on the battlefield and in close quarters combat has provided him with unparalleled practical knowledge which Mr. Bailey now implements into his teaching and training in the private sector as a Security Consultant.

He has been courted for speaking engagements, for training and protecting the leadership and management teams of sizeable global organizations and he continues to train Special Forces and USG personnel as the need arises.

Force Master Chief US Navy SEAL (retired)